BOOK : Memeが旅したRIGA

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The diary of 3 Dresses - RIGA where meme traveled.

Meme is the title of a project encompassing drawing and textile started in 2014 by Japanese illustrator and artists Izumi Shiokawa, Hisae Maeda, Chika Higashi. This book is compilation of the three women's diaries during their voyage to Riga in Latvia. Their memories are recorded by beautiful drawings, poetic photographs and three white dresses that have been worn occasionally during the journey, while some of the people met have been asked to draw directly onto the fabric.

This also publication present the charming city of Riga, its tradition, craft and people.

More information:

- Year : 2014
- Published by 土曜社
- 128 pages + Dust Cover
- Dimension : 18.4 x 12.6 x 1.6 cm
- High quality digital Color Print
- Language : Japanese with selected text in English
- ISBN-10: 4907511078
- ISBN-13: 978-4907511074

Photographs by Naoi Magaki / Poetic Pastel for Bonjour Supermarket