Large cup by Sigrid Volders


Large cup by Sigrid Volders

Active as a ceramic artist since 2013, Sigrid Volders’ practice is composed of hand built and more academically thrown pieces. Through the palette existing in her body of work, Sigrid demonstrates an ability to execute at once technique, freedom and detachment. This translates in her pieces by a singular and immediate feeling of honesty and intimacy. Sigrid’s interest for the medium was initiated by ways of her affiliation with Earth Rope Pot Plant, encouraging her to engage in a part time education at Academie Beeldende Kunsten.

More information:

- set of two pieces
- Size: 9cm diameter, 8cm high
- Hand made in Belgium, 2017
- Dishwasher resistant
- Stamped on the back by the potter
- Can be used for tea and hot drinks
- Can also be used for flowers
- Exclusive to Bonjour Supermarket

Photographs by Johanna Tagada - Poetic Pastel for Bonjour Supermarket