CD: Yoko Komatsu - Cosui

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CD: Yoko Komatsu - Cosui

Cosui is the second album by Japanese composer and pianist Yoko Komatsu.
Yoko Komatsu is also the founder of Tokyo based Atelier Fluss.

This CD album, with an embossed cover, includes the following pieces :

1. Cosui
2. Falling
3. Dark
4. Wind
5. Haru
6. Uhr
7. Natsu
8. あの湖で
9. Mh II
10. 氷の精
11. Snowing
12. Licht
13. Ende

Comes with a small booklet of text and photography. Composed and performed by Yoko Komatsu. Music for calm moments. Please note that BON SU is the only stockist of this album outside of Japan.

Listen to one of the composition here.

Photographs by Yoko Komatsu