Olivia Fiddes - Creamy Cups

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Olivia Fiddes - Creamy Cups

Creamy Cup by Olivia Fiddes for BON SU.

Olivia Fiddes' (b. 1989 Scotland) work is characterised by an elegant imperfection, playfulness and simplicity, while her pieces are primarily created using traditional hand building techniques. All pieces are produced in her London atelier. Each is to a certain extent, one of a kind. These cups are perfect for tea, hot chocolate and soup.

More information:

- Limited Edition
- Dishwasher resistant
- Size: 7.5cm diameter, 8cm high
- Hand made in London UK, 2019
- Exclusive to Bonjour Supermarket
- Stamped on the back by the potter

Photographs by Johanna Tagada - Poetic Pastel for Bonjour Supermarket